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Get to Know Our Team

Meet the Professionals Behind the Chair


Bobbie Robinson

Stylist, Color Specialist, & Owner

Bobbie has 34 years of experience in the cosmetology industry. She became a cosmetologist because she loves working with hair, meeting new people, and transforming clients. She has worked in salons in Nashville, Tennessee, Birmingham, Alabama, and San Francisco, California. She's been to and competed in shows in Las Vegas, Nevada, Birmingham, Alabama, Orlando, and Fort Walton, Florida. Being a color specialist, she spent some time as a color educator for Framesi. Bobbie is a fun loving music enthusiast who delivers amazing work and is well loved by her clients. Book Bobbie online or by phone.

Beautician with Bangs

Angee McMillan

Stylist & Color Specialist

Angee has 22 years of experience doing hair in Georgia. She has also worked in salons in Los Angeles, California and Atlanta, Georgia. Educational shows that she has attended include those in New York, Hawaii, and Paris, France. Angee is a talented colorist and hair designer. As a hair artist, she is inspired by the ability to help her clients feel confident, and help them express themselves through their appearance. Angee's energetic personality and talent keeps her busy with clients. Book Angee by phone.


Lyndsey Benson

Stylist & Color Specialist

Lyndsey has 2 years of experience doing hair in Georgia. She enjoys being around people and making everyone feel their best through her work. She specializes in color and fantasy colors. You can book with Lyndsey online or by calling the salon.

Aly Godwin

Stylist & Color Specialist


Tonya Luke

Stylist & color specialist

Tonya Luke

Tonya has been a stylist for 14 years.  She has taken extensive training in men's and women's haircuts and coloring. She loves making her clients feel good and look their best.  You can book with her by calling the salon or by booking online.

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